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Mvisioning is an indie studio that designs games meant to be fun above all else.  Founded by Matt Beer and Ben Chambers in 2014,  our goal was to provide entertainment that was rich in story, riddled with secrets, and most importantly, easily obtained and played by everyone.  As of 2015 Mvisioning is now run by Matt Beer alone, but these objectives still remain the studio's focus.


Our games will have low system requirements,  always be affordable, and always be micro-transaction free.  Once you buy our games they are yours to keep.  Updates will always be free unless they can boast massive additional content.  Never charging for a simple weapons pack, skin pack etc.  If we release an expansion pack, it's worth its cost and that's a promise.


Our company thanks its existence to Kickstarter and all of our backers who successfully funded our first title, Toby's Island.  What we do would not be possible without our amazing fans, and so our fans will always come first.


In the end, we are here to make a living doing what we love, not a fortune playing you with what you love.  We want to bring back the feeling of what gaming was like in the early 90's, genuine excitement and wonder, and we want to be proud of everything we release.  


That is who we are.



- Photo By JoAnn Zomer

“I remember when buying a game meant butterflies while you waited to bring it home and play.  When communities built wikis and guides together instead of following an on screen arrow.  I remember when gaming was fun, not expensive.”

– Matt Beer

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