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Winner:  Michelle Cachey

Entry Name:  Alphathan, Betathan, Gamathan, Omegathan

Entries:  22


In this contest, entrants were asked to design a creature that could be used in Toby's party.  They could submit as many ideas as they wanted, which were then voted on by both entrants and fans alike.


While designing an entire evolution tree was not mandatory, Michelle submitted an entire evolution family, and they won by a landslide.


Her prize was a physical copy of the game with her creatures on the cover.  We also loved her work so much that we paid her to help us design a few more creatures for the game!

Winner:  Kristen Reuel

Entry Name:  Nest Orchid

Deadline:  Dec 1st


In this contest, entrants were asked to come up with a plant that Toby can find AND grow in his travels.  The user must draw the plant in some way, come up with an effect for the plant, and decide what kinds of places this plant can be found.


Effects can range from: raising and lowering stats permanently or temporarily, raising or lowering rage and spirit, evolving a creature, sating hunger, healing, offensive spells, ingredients, and many more.


Locations could range from: Forest, Cave, Desert, Volcano, Swamp, Water Temple, Autumn Grove, Underwater.

Winner:  Mike Emeny

Entry Name:  The Story Teller

Entries3 finalists

In this contest, Entrants were asked to submit a short story based on a puzzle room in the game.  The story can be about anything but has to give a clear clue to the player about how to solve the puzzle room.

The Puzzle Room is made up of 4 cylinders.  Each cylinder corresponds to a switch. When the switch is thrown, the specific cylinder fills up with water.  In order to solve the puzzle, the player must put the correct amount of water into each cylinder.

The contest is to write a short story, found in a book in the clue room.  An example of a theme would be a story about a king and glasses of water that he leaves by his bed.

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