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Patreon Assets - Terms Of Use

If you are here, you are probably interested in my Patreon or more graphics and mapping assets!  Under great recommendation I built this page to outline specifically how you may and may not use the assets provided in my Patreon or my edits on the forums!

1. All graphics obtained on Patreon are Original.  All objects obtained for free on forums are edits.  Edits MUST be used in RPGMaker MV and originals can be used on ANY platform.

2.  The open source unencrypted game "Project Cities" is both a teaching tool and a recreational game, but it is still my property and my design.  You cannot sell it as your own.  HOWEVER, feel free to copy and paste the events that I made, and make edits to their dialogue, in order to use their structure in your game.  The whole idea of my tilesets is to get a certain look when designing your new cities, so don't worry about your cities looking similar to mine.  That is the whole point.  Just don't take my game as is and turn around and sell it as your own.

3.  The assets and game given out in my Patreon are not for resale even with credit given to me.  They must be used in a greater works.  This means you CAN use them commercially, but can't be sold by themselves.  You must use them to build something.  A game, a visual novel etc.  

4.  If my edits and/or originals are used, credit must be given to Matt Beer and Digica/enterbrain

5.  All Assets can be used commercially and non-commercially with the RPG Maker MV engine.

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