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Current Contest

In This submission the written piece will be separated into 4 pages around a room, each corresponding to a different switch based on where in the room it is.

Entry 2 - A Monkeys Crime - Daniel Hale

In the sky flew the Great Mother Bird, whose oldest and youngest daughters both visit only twice a day to drink.

Under the earth burrowed the shy Mole, who once owned a great vessel that nourished him; but it disappeared from his underground home. Today he braves the light but once to drink.

Rabbit licks the dew and does not need to drink, but she brings water to Monkey thrice a day, as he must now hide in the trees for his crime.

Monkey once stole a vessel from deep in the earth, but it fell onto the shell of Tortoise, who carried it to dry, distant lands.  The vessel quenched Tortoise's thirst ever after.

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