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Toby's Island Early Access Testers

I am looking for people willing to play a broken game, knowing full well they WILL encounter bugs and are willing to take the time to take screen shots and send write ups to report said bugs.  I am the sole developer on this project and its very easy to go blind to your own mistakes.  Please send your name and email, as well as a small write up of how you feel you can help, for example, can you make me a video play through with your thoughts and comments?  Are you excellent at spelling and grammar and can find all of my typos?  I cannot offer monetary compensation for this so please only apply if volunteering for this would be fun for you.  

I WILL however be awarding all testers with in game goodies in the final project, and will look into rewarding you further with exclusives and future content.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and thank you for your interest!

Thanks! Message sent.

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